Napalm Entertainment makes all types of gaming applications. We feel that games need to be engaging, original and most of all entertaining. We are focused on using original brands and technology for a wide variety of platforms, and help to make your entertainment experience more enjoyable.


Whether it is gaming on the web, development of apps for mobile, development of your dream VR or AR project, or anything else we have in mind, we take the challenge of technology, and turn it into entertainment.

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Fantastic creatures, magnificent stories, and wondrous events will befall you, at Napalm Entertainment.

About Us

Napalm Entertainment develops game software projects for mobile, social, web/casual action and VR/AR, location, and social media tech.  We also customize mobile game development for brands, advertising companies and publishers.

Services include multi-platform game development, Mobile application development, M-Commerce Solutions, Testing and Porting Mobile games.

We also develop and provide optimized game experiences for customized games including: Puzzles, Card, Platform, tile-based, 2D action, and racing games.


Gamification is the best way to keep your users engaged. User retention is important to your business, here’s a few ways we can help you to implement that policy:

  • Presence – We will give you the power to ramp up your presence in mobile and social games – rather than creating a new department or seeking specialized, dedicated talent, outsource to us.
  • Engagement – We will help you to increase customer engagement and create new opportunities for existing customers to share your brand.
  • User experience – We will find the best way for your organization to apply game mechanics to non-game environments to grow user experience and participation.


Services include multi-platform game development, Mobile application development, M-Commerce Solutions, Testing and Porting Mobile games.

  • Seamless customization of mobile game for international brands, advertising companies and publishers.
  • Development on the most popular game engines.
  • Game software projects for mobile games, social games, web/casual action and virtual worlds
  • Console/downloadable game development, location, and social media tech


Game and app development for game publishers, developers, and corporations (for promotional use).


Based in Los Angeles, CA, Napalm Entertainment helps companies develop games and tech.

In Development

Time Strider (working title)

As you cross through the eras of time, your growing collection of historical treasures and artifacts litters your sanctuary.

Now it is time that you put history back together.  This first person interactive simulation game places the player in the body of YOUR CHARACTER.

Based on history and fiction, the player travels to and explores different time periods to complete collections to restore history. To save their timeline, the player must use the collections to put history back together.

Story Arc: The player’s timeline will take place in the past or in the future.

Distorted Insight (working title)

Are you sure that you can tell the difference? This VR experience makes the player match the environments (like a puzzle) to find the Hidden Objects. Can you find your way, or will you be lost forever? Find the Hidden Objects within the puzzle environment and unlock the next level of the game.  As the player increases levels, match more environments to find one or more Hidden Objects to unlock the next level.


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